LRMA President – Sebastian Deisenberger

Welcome to Country
Lawrence Walford

Symposium Opening

Mayor Ian Woodcock

Session 1

South Australian Government review of mining legislation – in particular the review of the Opal Mining Act.
SA Mines – Peter Lane, Ashley Wood

SA Industry Update
Coober Pedy Miners Association – TBA

A Regulatory Update of the Opal industry in Queensland.

Qld Industry Update
Queensland Boulder Opal Association – Alison Summerville

NSW Resources & Geoscience – Michael McFadyen, Director Special Projects

Session 2

NSW Industry Update
LRMA – Sebastian Deisenberger

The Australian Opal Centre: status report
Australian Opal Centre – Jenni  Brammall

The Lightning Ridge Voluntary Surrender Scheme and the Lightning Ridge and Surrounding Opal Fields Management Reserve Trust
Division of Resources & Geoscience – Michael McFadyen

Reserve Trust – A Community viewpoint
Reserve Trust Community member – Jeremy Lomax

Planning for the Future
NSW Chief Planner – Gary White

Session 3

Exploration of Precious Opal: A mineral Systems Approach
Masters Student, USYD – Kurt Steffens

Water in Opal
UTS – Dr Paul Thomas

Opal – micro-structure characterisation from neutrons and synchrotron radiation
Laurie Aldridge

Geological Setting of the Lightning Ridge Region
DRG – Gary Burton

The Australian Opal Centre Collection – update 2018
Australian Opal Centre – Elizabeth Smith

Session 4

Exposing the remarkable opalised dinosaur-dominated fauna of the Griman Creek Formation at Lightning Ridge, NSW.
UNE – Lachlan Hart

“Why is it so?” – Q & A Forum

Session 1

The Relationship between Tourism and Opal Mining Communities
QBOA – Alison Summerville, LRTA – Andrew Kemeny, CPRC – Cheryl Walker

Social Media Marketing: Building Trust and Followers
Black Opal Direct – Justin Thomas

Australian Opal Mining – A Model of Excellence
Cody Opals Pty Ltd – Damien Cody

Opal entrepreneurship and sustainable luxury
Annette Condello

Session 2

What’s in a Name: The Importance of a Standard International Nomenclature
GAA – Terry Coldham


Current opal Nomenclature
GAA – Anthony Smallwood


Revised Opal Classification
Opal Association – Ruth Benjamin-Thomas 

Session 3

Healing Property of Opals
Paul Dale 

Results of on-line survey
Black Opal Direct – Ruth Benjamin-Thomas

Australian Opal the Finest in the World – promoting the image
Marketing Workshop

Session 4

The Machinery of Mining – reducing the costs of production
Mining Forum

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Buddy Day

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